Elevate Your Gaming Experience with Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay Portal [Review Roundup]

The much-awaited Xbox headset from Bang & Olufsen has finally launched.  A first for the Danish company, Bang & Olufsen brings its world-renowned experience in sound, design, and craftsmanship to gaming. The Beoplay Portal, a wireless gaming headphone, features a sleek aesthetic, luxurious materials, and immersive sound. Created in collaboration with Xbox as part of the Limited Series accessory series, it integrates seamlessly with your Xbox. Here's a closer look at the Portal's technical features:


Tech Specifications









Dimensions (mm) and Weight

167.3 W x 178.7 H x 92.6 D mm

282 g

Advanced Sound Features

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation 

Transparency mode 

Dolby Atmos for headphones

Driver Sensitivity

95dB @ 1kHz / 1 mW

Customizable Sound EQ

Presets available and fully customizable through Bang & Olufsen App


Bluetooth 5.1

Xbox Wireless

USB-C port

3.5mm mini-jack

Total Playtime and Battery

Up to 12 hours with Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling.

Up to 24 hours with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling.

Charging Time

Approximately 3 hours

Battery Size

Lithium-Ion Battery 

Capacity 1200 mAh


4 Digital MEMS Voice Mic (2 mics sharing with ANC)

4 dedicated MEMS Mic for ANC functions (2 mics in each earcup)

Virtual boom arm for crystal clear conversations

Sound Codecs

SBC, AAC, aptX™ Adaptive






Here's What Critics Have To Say



"Practically perfect in every way, the Beoplay Portal deliver on almost all fronts."

The Beoplay Portal are marketed as the ultimate premium gaming headphones. The fact there's nothing quite like them out there, combined with the fact that they bring together premium materials and stellar audio, connectivity and microphone performance, show that Bang & Olufsen has nailed the brief.



Review Highlights

Performance and Audio Quality

Crisp, punchy and customizable, the Portal sound even better with Atmos enabled

Design and Build

Classy, elegant and beautiful, with all-day wearability to boot

Other Features

Rammed to the hilt with connectivity and app-enabled options

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"Audiophiles and road warriors addicted to Xbox gaming no longer need to accept any compromises in audio performance or noise cancelling thanks to this high-end headset."

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal is a triple-threat wireless headphone that everyone can love: The discerning music listener, the road warrior looking for sonic isolation on the go, and the hardcore gamer rocking the latest console or PC hardware. The Portal really can do it all: Entertainment, relaxation, and productivity. But what seals the deal for me is the head-turning design, luxurious feel, and that killer Touch Bar volume control.



Review Highlights

Performance and Audio Quality

Superb high-end sound

Design and Build

Exquisite industrial design, premium materials

Other Features

Each ear cup features a vertical Touch Bar that is one of the most outstanding features of the Portal

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"Premium Gaming Headset with ANC, Transparency Mode and Dolby Atmos"

With the Beoplay Portal, Bang & Olufsen has brought a remarkable pair of headphones onto the market. For they understand like no other manufacturer how to combine features such as "hi-fi", "travel" and "gaming" into such a stylish concept. This is complemented by a choice of materials and manufacturing quality that leaves nothing to be desired. Bang & Olufsen have succeeded in this multi-platform approach – no question about it, and that merits sincere compliments.



Review Highlights

Performance and Audio Quality

The warm foundation gives a crisp and tight bass, while the midrange builds on it and is harmonious and well-balanced without pushing itself to the fore.

Design and Build

Here, the manufacturer must be given top marks because, as is typical for B&O, gamers can now join those who can put premium quality headphones on their heads.

Other Features

All control gestures were always executed reliably and quickly; even the wildest "slider rides" did not cause the Portal to lose its balance.

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"The Portal is a headset of such sumptuous quality, both in design and construction, that all other gaming headsets must flee in its wake"

The Portal is a headset you really can use for both gaming, and a trip abroad, or on the train, or just when going out for a walk. They look exquisite, sound excellent, and offer seamless connectivity between Xbox and Bluetooth devices.



Review Highlights

Performance and Audio Quality

B&O has utilised a pretty linear sound signature for years, and to great effect. There's almost perfect balance between its crisp top-end, flanked by a clear mid-range and deep bass.

Design and Build

the top of the brace is soft canvas, but in spite of these luxurious, and normally heavy, materials, the Portal is a light headphone

Other Features

The Portal is more of a "two headsets in one" sort of deal, where dongle-less usage on an Xbox console is seamlessly combined by a headset that, through Bluetooth 5.1 and support for up to eight devices, can just as easily be taken out for a spin.

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"The Bang and Olufsen Beoplay Portal is a new level of luxury for gaming and music."

Beoplay Portal brings all the hallmarks of Bang & Olufsen to the world of gaming — and beyond. Whether used for immersive gaming experiences, watching movies, or enjoying music, Beoplay Portal easily adapts to the situation, offering an impressive set of features including low-latency surround sound, outstanding microphone performance, Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and an elegant user interface.



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Review Highlights

Performance and Audio Quality

The sound will undoubtedly have the signature B&O sound, sporting two custom-designed 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets for clear audio reproduction

Design and Build

The high quality, functionality look and feel all contribute to the premium price you'll wear if you choose to invest.

Other Features

Beoplay Portal easily adapts to the situation, offering an impressive set of features including low-latency surround sound, outstanding microphone performance, Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and an elegant user interface.

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Engineered for Gaming and Much More

The first Bang & Olufsen gaming headphones with XBox. Make your gaming experience extraordinary with precise audio, adaptive noise cancellation, a revolutionary microphone with beamforming technology, and lightweight comfort. With Bluetooth 5.1 / XBox Connect, 24-hour battery, virtual boom arm, and Dolby Atmos for Headphones, it's on every audiophile's list of must-haves. Stay up to date and get ready to have your own pair of Beoplay Portal.