Georg Jensen Jewelry: A Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is probably the most romantic of all holidays, and it celebrates love at its finest. This year, give your loved ones a gift that will last longer than chocolates and roses: a ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet from Georg Jensen. 

Since 1904, Georg Jensen has interwoven the elements of the natural world with history to elevate a luxury lifestyle. A charming, creative individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for design and detail, founder Georg Jensen created a new kind of jewelry that symbolizes a new kind of life.

So, if you still haven't decided what to get for your beloved on this day, take a look at this simple and elegant jewelry guide.

Make an Everlasting Memory with Georg Jensen Jewelry

From high-quality home décor to sophisticated jewelry, all Georg Jensen products exude timeless elegance and an unmatched devotion to integrity and quality. Here are a few pieces from the brand's jewelry collections that are sure to warm your loved one's heart.

Fusion Collection

The Georg Jensen Fusion collection is a truly unique and personal way to wear your jewelry. The elegant, contemporary lines of the Fusion rings, earrings, and pendants are designed to be combined in endless combinations; they are as individual as you are.

Georg Jensen Fusion Necklace


Georg Jensen Fusion Earrings

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Hearts of Georg Jensen Collection

The concept behind the collection is simple and very direct: Hearts expresses feelings and emotions, but subtly. It is based on the original heart motif from 1982, which Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe developed. Since then, it has expanded to include new interpretations from some of today's most successful Danish designers.

Georg Jensen Hidden Heart Pendant

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Aurora Collection

Combining the best of minimalist Danish design with a modern take on Art Nouveau, the Aurora Collection is inspired by the Northern Lights and features fine white gold settings that allow the diamond to take center stage.

Georg Jensen Aurora Pendant Diamond

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Halo Collection

Sophie Bille Brahe designed the Halo collection to emanate natural, uncomplicated luxury. Gold circular shapes decorated with diamonds are layered and juxtaposed to create contemporary and timeless pieces. The Halo collection includes earrings, rings, and necklaces that combine circular motifs with precious stones to create a sense of harmony and balance.


GEORG JENSEN - HALO PENDANTExplore the full collection here

Magic Collection

Regitze Overgaard's concept for the Magic collection was to create a range of jewelry that could be mixed and matched to create a personal statement. The collection is inspired by nature and brings out the natural beauty in a woman – hence the name Magic.


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Offspring Collection

A relationship is a beautiful thing and deserves to be celebrated. Georg Jensen Offspring jewelry is designed for the people you love most in life. Whether it's the bond between mother and daughter, siblings, or life-long friends, celebrate it with Georg Jensen's delicate and beautiful Offspring jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets symbolize the true power of relationships.


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Infinity Collection

If you're looking for a gift that will express eternal love, then the Infinity collection is for you. Named after the mathematical symbol for infinity, this series of rings, bracelets, and necklaces were designed by Regitze Overgaard as a timeless tribute to life-long affection.


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Georg Jensen has become synonymous with a classic, luxury design aesthetic that honors the importance of heritage and craftsmanship. It's a leading Scandinavian design brand with a dream of creating beautiful, practical, and affordable everyday objects that could bring pleasure to every home. This vision has remained unchanged throughout the decades and remains relevant today.

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