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Beolab 3 Stereo Speaker w/ rubber base ( Demo Unit ) no warranty

₱171,000 ₱342,000

BeoLab 3 is the sounding proof that first impressions can be deceiving. Thanks to the patented Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology and the acoustic lens on its top, the BeoLab 3 despite its compact size produces an impressive clear, precise sound that fills every room. BeoLab 3 shows that a powerful 250 Watt sound is possible in a compact format. Combine the speakers with the BeoLab 2 subwoofer to highligh the low frequency spectrum and enjoy action movies or music in a whole new dimension.


The housing of the BeoLab 3 is made of solid aluminum casting and is available in different colors. On its solid rubber base, the BeoLab 3 sit casually on a table or can be used as a computer speaker.

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