Gaggenau Check-up Service

Price on demand only

Having trouble with your Gaggenau appliance? Let us know!

A standard check-up and troubleshooting of the appliance will be conducted to identify the true source of the problem. Check up fee is charged per unit. 

Visual inspection of the appliance will be done. Noting of the visual inspection will be included in the job order report

Should there be a need for part replacement. The client will be informed first before proceeding further with the servicing and repair to be rendered.  Spare parts are not included in the servicing and repair fee. Spare parts needed are at an additional cost. Servicing and repair fee is charged per unit. 

Standard cleaning of the appliance is included in the servicing and repair of the unit. Standard cleaning is surface cleaning of the unit.

In cases where-in overall cleaning of the appliance is needed, the client will be charged per unit. Overall cleaning is cleaning of all internal parts and surface cleaning of the unit. 

Living Innovations Corporation reserves the right to suspend the delivery, pullout/dismantle installed product, if payments and other conditions herein are not met.

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