Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - FUSION End Ring 18kt Yellow Gold, Diamonds (Flagship Collection)

₱145,530 ₱161,700

Tell your own story - be it one of love, family or personal growth - with Georg Jensen’s Fusion rings. Start the tale with the stunning 18 karat yellow gold ring - with its unusual curved edge traced with brilliant cut diamonds - before adding more pieces to symbolize the next chapters or characters.

Nina Koppel’s innovative Fusion collection allows the wearer to be an intrinsic part of the creative process. The series of interlocking rings are beautiful in their own right but magical and expressive when combined to create your own personal story.

The 18 karat yellow gold ring has one striking shaped edge picked out in brilliant cut diamonds. This interlocks perfectly with other Fusion rings as your collection grows.

  • Materials: 18 kt. yellow gold
  • Stones: Diamonds
  • Brilliant cut diamonds
  • Note: The delivery time is subject to stock availability.

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