Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - DEW DROP Pendant - Blue Topaz, Diamonds & Neckring Set

₱179,685 ₱199,650

The pure simplicity of a drop of blue topaz takes centre stage in this masterpiece of understated luxury. The dew drop shaped stone hangs from a minimal sterling silver shaft that is highlighted by a cuff of brilliant cut diamonds. With quality and style this strong, less is definitely more. The pendant is made to hang from the Dew Drop Neck Ring.

Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe designed as she lived - in an uncompromising, unconventional and ground-breaking fashion. Her innovative work celebrated the beauty of simplicity and functionality and is as striking and meaningful today as when she first created it. Her work continues to charm and inspire.

The Dew Drop pendant consists of a blue topaz stone hung from a sterling silver shaft with brilliant cut white diamonds.

  • Stones: Blue topaz, Diamonds
  • Brilliant cut diamonds, total 0.07 ct
  • Measurements: L: 63 mm. Droplet 22.5 x 15 mm

A striking example of minimal Scandinavian design, the Dew Drop necklace celebrates functionality by revealing the beauty of the actual clasp which is placed center front. Simple and understated but also a strong modern statement, the revolutionary silver necklace can be worn alone or can be further adorned by purchasing a Dew Drop pendant which can be attached to the front.

Designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe’s jewellery never shouts, rather it celebrates the beauty of the wearer and never overwhelms her. Fascinated by simplicity and functionality, her innovative work is truly iconic and timeless and is still the choice of independent and stylish women across the world.

The single strand of sterling silver is expertly crafted to finish with the elegant clasp at the front.

Measurements: W: 132 mm. L: 136 mm.

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