Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - FUSION Pendant 18kt White Gold, Blue Sapphire, unisex (Flagship Collection)

₱104,000 ₱130,000

Made to be worn directly over the heart, a pendant has a particular significance as a gift of love. This Fusion pendant adds an extra layer of symbolism with the three interlocking 18 kt. white gold parts that can tell your own personal story. The graphic beauty of the piece is further enhanced by pave blue sapphires center ring.

Georg Jensen’s much-loved Fusion collection combines both exquisite design and a strong emotional aspect as pieces can be mixed together in endless ways to convey your own individual narrative.

The three interlocking parts forming the pendant are made from 18 kt. white gold with the center piece studded with blue sapphires. The pendants hang from a fine matching chain.

  • Materials: 18 kt. white gold
  • Stones: Blue Sapphires
  • Measurements: W: 7 mm. Ø: 10 mm. 45 cm 1.1 mm anchor chain. The length of the chain can be adjusted by using the loops

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