Georg Jensen


Designer Klaus Rath had to take a number of things into consideration when he created - a new key ring from Georg Jensen. It is often said, the number of keys on one's keyring denotes the amount of responsibility in one's life. Whether there are many keys or only one, the function of the keyring to hold them together securely is a top priority. The design of a keyring, these days, reflects much about the owner's personality. Based on the design of Georg Jensen's most popular keyring Ellipse, two new motifs have been added to the collection; a heart and flower. Ellipse has a masculine design, where as the new motifs have a definite feminine sensibility, the heart made for loved ones and the flower brightens the day. All three keyrings are crafted in stainless steel and act as the lock, securing the keys in place. The practical locking system and durable polyurethane strap of the keyrings ensures the keys will never fall off.

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