Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - INFINITY Bracelet 18kt Yellow Gold and Diamonds (Special Collection)

₱236,115 ₱262,350

Sculptural, elegant and meaningful, this 18 karat yellow gold bracelet is inspired by the mathematical symbol for infinity, giving the opportunity for it to represent unending love. Eight organic closed twists of gold are held together by one open form, the ends of which are highlighted by two brilliant cut diamonds - the perfect understated detail.

Created by Danish-born Regitze Overgaard, the Infinity collection for Georg Jensen takes an abstract mathematical symbol and gives it an organic fluidity that takes it from the purely theoretical to something with heart and soul. The result is true beauty with meaning.

The bracelet is expertly crafted from 18 karat yellow gold with two brilliant cut diamonds.

Measurements: W: 8 mm. L: 185 mm. 9 links

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