Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - MAGIC Ear cuff 18kt White Gold, Diamonds

₱71,280 ₱89,100

Resembling tiny branches that snake up the ear and burst into buds of white diamonds, these white gold earrings really do bring a touch of magic into your life. Inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, they are the essence of modern Scandinavian cool.

Created by Danish designer Regitze Overgaard, the Magic collection uses nature as its starting point, but by using gold and diamonds, transforms it into something of exquisite beauty. Understated and elegant, the jewellery is perfect for a woman who knows her own style.

Masterfully crafted using 18 karat white gold, the earrings each hold three diamonds which catch the light along the length of the cuff.

  • Stones: Diamonds
  • Diamonds total 0.20 ct
  • Measurements: L: 20 mm.

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