Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN - MOONLIGHT GRAPES Pendant 257A, Black Onyx 90cm

₱29,403 ₱32,670
With its graphic and bold form, this striking necklace makes full use of the contrast between two materials - sterling silver and black onyx - to create a piece that has a particularly sculptural appeal. A cluster of beads in silver and black are suspended like an abstracted bunch of grapes - a reference further underlined by the tiny silver leaf on the clasp. The necklace is a perfect gift for a woman with a strong sense of personal style.

Inspired by an Art Nouveau grape motif on an original Georg Jensen silver piece, the Moonlight Grapes collection beautifully combines a bold contemporary look with a nod to vintage style. The pieces range from delicate to sculptural but are all characterized by the superb design and craftsmanship that is part of the Georg Jensen heritage.

The necklace is expertly crafted from sterling silver and black onyx and is suspended from a fine silver chain.

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