knIndustrie Foodware Casseroula


FOODWEAR by Rodolfo Dordoni. Casseroles, low casseroles, and pans that perform professionally in preparation of food but become elegant serving pieces when they appear on the table.

Handle Essential feature of knIndustrie, in fact, is at first “convertibility” of each item proposed, mainly using a comfortable handle-clamp that attaches to any container thereby giving it a swirl of really fun and useful, personalities. Just a “clack” and the bowl turns into a large casserole, ideal for a spaghetti meal with friends. Another “clack” and removing the handle you transform the pan in a beautiful fruit holder to store, perhaps, in his glittering immaculate stainless steel, on the table or on a cupboard, to give a touch of incomparable design.

The covers are in two versions: bronze glass and polished steel, are equipped with a large knob with a particular shape that allows you to use them upside down, parallel to the slab, so as to transform them in a cake stand to bring to the table quiche, cakes, biscuits and everything the creativity of the chef suggests.

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